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We stock many types of electronic sounders, sirens, and bells together with electronic bellringer units

All sounders will work with the R841 and our time recorder systems and most leading time recorders on the market.




Stock list:


  12/24vdc Electronic sounder with dip-switch settings
  240vac Electronic sounder with dip-switch settings
  All the above can be adjusted for type and level of sound




  The electronic sounders pictured here are 240vac and have:
  Volume adjust
  Tone selection (select a sound different from your fire alarm)
  All the above can be adjusted for type and level of sound
  Dimensions, Base 93mm x 48mm


Electronic sounder









Stock list:


  240vac Grey Industrial Electronic Bell (also available in red)
Electronic bell





R841 Electronic bellringer unit: for school class change or tea breaks etc..


  7 day operation
  200 programmable events with memory
  Adjustable signal out-put ( bell duration or signal lengh )
  Battery back-up
  Volt-free contacts
  Continuous or intermittent output
  Key to protect program
  Requires 240vac and will switch any voltage via its dry contacts







Program entry and any changes are made via the units membrane keypad on the unit and for security can only be accessed once the security key is in place.

Electronic bellringer unit


Program the unit with the current date and time together with the times and duration of rings and the R841 will handle the needs of Schools or Commercial-Industrial business that require the bellringing or siren sounding for tea breaks, class change-start and end of day.













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