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Access badge

Timenet offers a range of products with options that include single door or gate access via a stand-alone terminal to a fully monitored PC based system, our terminals use the latest technology that permits personnel to gain access using either: Keypad - Swipe Card - Proximity Contactless Smart Card or Key-Fob to Fingerprint (biometric) or even Bluetooth via a mobile phone, integrating with your time and attendance system allowing the same card/fob to clock and gain access.

The full TIMENET SYSTEM while still being stand-alone allows for greater control over your site or remote-sites controlling all doors or selected areas and enhances your access system and provides other benefits that include FULLY MONITORED ACCESS CONTROL for free movement of employees and visitors throughout your business and add security levels to ensure unauthorized personnel are restricted with the option of  CCTV Image capture at the moment of access/clocking together with evacuation reporting and more.....



Proximity reader for access
External proximity reader contactless smart cards or key-fobs. 


Timenet for Access


Access Control Facilities
  Up to 10,000 personnel
  Up to 100 doors
  Stand alone does not require a dedicated PC
  Real-time updating
  10 programmable input and output prompts
  100 zones with 7-day programmable time bands for access state and security levels
  Pin number, Swipe card, Proximity card or /keyring-fob, Fingerprint identification and Bluetooth
  Extensive reporting with additional user writable report facilities
  Door Exit and Door Open switch inputs
  Break Glass emergency exit switches
  Fire Alarm Input with automatic evacuation reporting
  Programmable delays and alarm conditions
  Realtime Personnel Location Display
  CCTV Image capture at moment of clocking
  Full audit trail



Timenet can control gates even turnstiles,

When stand-alone the T012 access terminal provides a simple access
control unit designed to be used without any PC connection, with swipe cards or proximity fobs/badges added using a simple admin menu on the terminal.
When connected to a PC/Laptop all personnel data can be maintained and comprehensive reporting provided.

Accnet Terminal

T012 Access Terminal





Timenet caters for TIME AND ATTENDANCE together with integrated DATA CAPTURE facilities making "TIMENET - ONE SYSTEM - ONE SOLUTION".


Our access control systems are part of our Timenet range of products which have been designed with the customer in mind, the flexibility to allow different reading devices that control personnel access to and throughout your business premises. Options allow personnel access via readers with or without keypad operation.

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Timenet proximity reader





Vandal resistant reader controlling gates

Vandal resistant proximity reader controlling gates

Hidden terminal

T009 board with no-display and without key-pad, this hidden terminal connects to most reading devices

Terminal dimensions: 67 x 30 x 22mm (W x H x D)

High security locks

High security locks


T009 terminal with a proximity reader


Dome Exit Push

Dome Exit Push Switch


Electric door release

Electric door release for door frame (Rim or Mortice)


Magnetic door holder

Magnetic Door Holders and Solenoid bolts


Employee proximity Key Fobs Blue Proximity key-fobs

Employee proximity Key Fobs


Emergency Door Exit Switch

Emergency door exit switch


Exit Switch

Exit Switch


Proximity reader

Proximity reader internal and external


Employee proximity/magnetic swipe cards

Personnel proximity/magnetic swipe cards

Heavy Duty Mag-lock

Mains fail battery

Battery cabinet

Evacuation printer
Heavy duty Mag-lock Battery for mains failure PSU Battery Cabinet

Evacuation printer


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