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Timenet Time and Attendance System

"UK built system that's easy to use and control"

"UK" built system


Micronet works

Catering for up to 50 personnel and is part of our Timenet series of clocking terminals designed for their ease of use.

Designed to assist companies in speeding up payroll preparation and enables electronic registration of employees and visitors for evacuation reporting etc, and does not require a dedicated PC.

Intelligent stand alone terminal (clocking point) with a robust cast aluminium front together with a battery back-up as standard that you control simply and effectively from any PC or workstation using "TimeNet" time management "Windows" based software.

Complete with full reporting facilities*



Micronet terminal with proximity reader

Main features

  Low cost time and attendance system
  No limit of clockings per day
  Stand alone does not require a dedicated PC
  Real-time updating with a battery back-up as standard
  Stores clockings via an on board flash card
  Display shows current date and time with company name
  Fixed, Rotating, Continental and Flextime shifts
  Paid and un-paid breaks with auto deduction of lunch
  Automatic BST/GMT (summer and autumn time change)
  Extensive reporting facilities *
  Programmable relay contacts for sounders (tea breaks)
  Connects directly to your Fire alarm (option)
  Direct printer connection (auto fire reports option)
  Easy install for wall mounting
  Remote or 2nd. site application (T001+)


The T001 terminal (clocking point) shown above uses contactless smart card technology called "PROXIMITY", personnel can use either a key-ring fob or badge to clock.

The benefits of proximity is reliable, fast, secure and convenient clocking, using proven technology, with maintenance-free readers that work in difficult environments. Other clocking options include "BIOMETRIC" (finger print) - "KEYPAD" (personnel enter a unique pin number).

Employees clocking options
Proximity Badge
Proximity Key-ring fob
Key-pad (4 digit number)
Biometric (finger print)
or a combination of the above

With prices starting from * £695 including 25 key-ring fobs or badges


* Extensive reporting on: Pay (hours worked) - Infringements - Absence - Working Time Directive - Holidays - Fire (Evacuation) - Bradford Factor - Flextime balance - Payroll output file(CSV) - Reports cover a single employee or Department - HR - and more............


Timenet can be linked to "Sage payroll" and other payroll programs.

COMPATABILITY: Extra timenet terminals can be added at any time permitting your time & attendance system to grow as you do without the need to replace your existing hardware and investment.

Timenet software

System complete with user friendly networking software & terminal.





Available terminal options
T001-NONE Key-pad 4 digit number
T001-PROX Proximity card or fob
T001-BIO Biometric
T001+ Remote-site application


Terminal specification
white/light blue
POE - option
Connection type:


TimeNet software

Timenet user friendly networking software


Biometric finger print option

Proximity key-ring fobsBadges and swipe-cards

Proximity key-ring fob or badge

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