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"Timenet" provides Time Management facilities with options to integrate Access Control and Data Capture.


Timenet is a real-time system; and benefits from being able to work standalone thereby not reliant on a permanently connected PC to operate. It is British designed and built.

The system gathers data from one or more clocking stations (terminals), whether remotely or on the same site, terminals permit employees to clock or gain access with all records stored, permitting management the benefits of powerful reporting and the transfer of data to spreadsheets or like, speeding up payroll preparation and enables electronic registration of personnel and visitors for evacuation reporting etc.......



Main Features

Software Features

Report Features

Access Control

Visitor Registration & Management System

Roll Call - Evacuation Reporting

Data Collection (Job Costing)

Specification and Accessories




TimeNet software

User friendly networking software


Main features  

  Personnel can clock as many times as required (no limits)
  Stand alone does not require a dedicated PC and still controls doors
  Real-time updating: Time and Attendance and Access (door entry)
  Windows Based Software (64 or 32 bit) Server based or local hard-drive
  Up to 500 - Departments for reporting and costing
  Up to 500 - Fixed, Rotating, Continental and Flextime shifts
  Paid breaks and auto deduction of lunch
  Swipe cards or proximity badges (smart cards) or key fobs & Biometric
  Automatic BST/GMT (summer and autumn time change)
  Extensive reporting facilities * with ODBC/SQL interface **
  Programmable relay contacts for sounders (tea breaks etc)
  Ethernet network connection TCP/IP
  Connects directly to your Fire alarm (option)
  Output to printer (auto fire reports option)
  Intelligent, confirms transaction to employee
  Employee enquiry and duty leave buttons and stay on site for lunch mode
  Employee department change button (option)
  Terminals allow an employee to request a holiday booking (option)
  Remote site application
  Customiseable self-registration for unattended visitor registration and badging
  Web-clocking from any PC or tablet - clock IN and OUT (option)
  Photo check takes employee's photo when clocking or access via doors (option)
  Passwords with permissions allow or restrict access to selected data areas


Available terminal options  


Timenet - CARD
Magnetic swipe
Timenet - PROX
Timenet - BIO
Timenet - Slave
Remote site application
Timenet - NONE
T009 prox or none
Slave terminal
Timenet+ T003
6 x faster processor



Download Area



Sample Reports PDF DATA SHEET

Proximity Brochure PDF DATA SHEET

Biometric Brochure PDF DATA SHEET

Clocking.csv Clocking.csv

Totals.csv Totals.csv


Terminals (clocking points)  


t002 & t012

Proximity terminals (other types available)

Intelligent - Stand-alone - Flexible, display options permit personnel to view when clocking or via an enquiry button as to their status whether Present or Absent together with calculated hours or flexi balances.

Terminals are "UK" manufactured from robust cast aluminium that have battery back-up as standard, all controlled simply and effectively from your office PC or workstation even from your home using "TimeNet" Time Management "Windows" based software.

Terminals can be permanently connected to your network via an RJ45 Ethernet patch cable or a laptop could be used to fetch/download data when required.

Communication between terminals and server/PC is real time updating, allowing clients to view the (ADP) Attendance Display Panel that shows personnel ON or OFF any site together with IN, OUT, SICK or on Holiday or just ABSENT allowing you to view or print all personnel status.

Further terminal options allow:

Evacuation reporting (roll call) printed automatically........

Bell ringing for start/finish times - lunch break........

"NTP" time, terminal always keeps accurate time........

Slave terminals, full or semi-featured more info further down........




speeding up payroll

Speeding up payroll preparation


Payroll output file can be linked to payroll securing and speeding up pay day, with no errors inputting payroll totals, taking out this tedious task.

**ODBC/SQL interface allows the use of other packages to produce reports or import data directly into spreadsheets, word processors etc.

* Extensive reporting that covers:

Pay (total hours and gross pay) - Infringements - Anomalies - Absence - Working Time Directive - Holidays - Fire (evacuation) - Bradford Factor - Flextime - Payroll output file (CSV) - Department reports and more...........






Timenet Pro  

More terminals can be added and configured to allow for time & attendance with further options to integrate data collection and monitored access control giving your company the complete solution in one package. Web clocking permits personnel to clock from remote sites via a pc or web enabled phone other options permit holiday requests and selected reporting.




Photo check

Web-cam option

Web Clocking

Data Collection

Photo Check

Human Resources Editing

Access Control (door entry)

Time and Attendance


Biometric v Photo check using proximity

Timenet terminals will allow personnel to clock using any reading device on the market today, however when considering biometric you should be aware that it is not as quick for personnel to clock and sometimes does not work for everyone, for this reason we recommend proximity for speed and reliability, the benefits of contactless smart card technology include fast, secure and convenient clocking, reliable and proven technology, with maintenance-free readers that work in difficult environments, and together with Timenet's Photo Capture program, Timenet permits personnel to clock or gain access to the building and at the same time enable a web-cam capture of the employee's image, allowing you to control buddy clocking and see who is entering your premises. Full reporting cover this area too...







"Timenet" Software


Allows for easy setup or modification and reporting of employee data.

Software Features  

Employee start & finish dates
Employee fire department/zone - shifts allowed
Pay rates - job title - department - email address
Telephone No - address together with employee picture
Weekly grace time allowance - per employee
Over-time rules daily and or weekly - and time bands
Holiday & Sickness entitlement
Stores data on past & present employees
Full on screen editing of employee clock card records
Employee holiday planner and calendar
User friendly software
Comprehensive user manual via F1 key
Built in (real time) attendance display panel (ADP)
Microsoft Windows based software (32 or 64 bit)
Single and multi user licence's
Fixed - Rotating - Continental - Flextime shifts
  Free text input area - stores the information you need
  Customiseable report option

Customizable HR section



Holds employee data with clients restricted by way of log-in permissions.

Personnel Section    

Personnel Section

Mouse over image to enlarge

Time and Attendance Tab

"Timenet" Reporting


Reporting Features

  Clock card report (clocking Times & Totals)
  Infringement reporting: Lateness, Core time, Absence
  Infringement and Absence reporting over any period
  Employee Present - Absent - Missing now (after shift start)
  Employee - Department - Company totals, basic and overtime
  Gross-pay - Employee - Department - Company
  Holiday taken, booked and days left to book, this year and last
  Hours worked and Flextime balance
  Expected hours matched against actual hours worked
  Evacuation roll call - who is on site?
  Payroll with output file for export in CSV format
  Links to "Sage Payroll " and others
  EC Working Hours Regulations
  Daily and or Weekly overtime (employee or department)
  Covers Past & Current personnel
  Anomalies Report (missed anything)
  "Instant reports" via Hot keys on your keyboard
  Duty Leave report (Out on Company Business)
  Bradford Factor
  Customiseable HR information and more..
  Customiseable report option




TimeNet Reports

Reports Tree

Reports cover employee - departments or the whole Company over any period

Reports can be viewed and printed or exported into spreadsheets e.g. Microsoft Excel or like.

All data stored on employees may be viewed / printed / e-mailed or exported to other software packages.

The Timenet database allows for selected data to be exported via a CSV file or other file formats to integrate with other programs, Timenet has an ODBC/SQL interface allowing the use of other packages to produce reports or import data directly into spreadsheets, word processors etc.


"Timenet" handles Access Control (door entry)


Access terminals allow you to control personnel access with or without keypad operation, when no keypad is required the terminal controlling the door is hidden from public view with only the reader on display and by using TimeNet entry levels restrictions can be put in place to permit authorised access only.

Employees could use the same card or proximity badge/fob to gain entry which they use to clock for Time and Attendance allowing clients the flexibility to control personnel access to and throughout their business premises controlling just one door or several doors, even gates.

Download Area

Sample Reports PDF DATA SHEET



Proximity door entry



"Timenet" Visitor Management System


Timenet provides a quick and easy to use visitor management system, It supports visitor registration either at a manned reception or via a self-registration PC - touch screen terminal or tablet

Once logged-in options permit visitors to be added to any evacuation reporting

Timenet permits organisations to maintain a log of visitor and contractors in order to meet health and safety requirements



Visitor Log-In screen

The welcome screen is customiseable with company loco - text - and background colours etc.

Once the Sign IN button is selected the enter details screen shown below will appear (again totally customiseable)



Visitor details

Once a visitor has registered, a visitor badge can be printed automatically example shown below


PRINT BADGE (option)

Visitor Badge

The above printed badge was designed by one of our customers to be folded and placed in a clear plastic wallet





This is a customizable visitor registration
system with options for:


Visitor Name

Visitors Company

Car registration

Person Visiting

Time & Date

Your Company Logo

Health & Safety rules

Visitor Badge

Visitor Photo ID

Evacuation reporting

CSV log



If your reception is unmanned or you have a receptionist to greet you visitors,

Timenet permits a receptionist to log the visitor IN and OUT or you can have it stand alone for self registration on any PC/Workstation - touch screen terminal or tablet with customiseable welcome screens

Once the visitor has been logged-in an ID badge can be printed or a card assigned to permit access to areas of your company and restrict other areas with access levels working with your Timenet access control system




A visitor welcome screen setup on a PC or Tablet in reception permits visitors to log their arrival on site, options allow a visitor badge to be printed with the details of the visitor together with your companies on-site rules and regulations supported with or without the visitors photo.

Further options permit the visitor to be automatically clocked/logged IN for health and safety regulations, hence the visitors name entered at the log-in screen would appear on any evacuation reporting.

Timenet could be setup to send the person visiting an email to inform them their visitor as arrived, supported by full reporting via a CSV log-file.

The same welcome screen permits the receptionist or the visitor to clock/log off site when leaving the premises, this again will take them off any evacuation reports.

"Timenet" handles Evacuation Roll Call reporting.


Options permit Automatic Fire Reporting - who is on site?

Fire report in seconds





R580 thermal printer

Terminals produce (via dedicated printers) evacuation reports automatically whether set-off by your fire alarm or a panic button set-up on the terminals own key-pad. listing all personnel on-site with-in seconds of your fire alarm being activated. It's all hardware driven from terminal to printer, no software or network gets involved.

Prints directly from any terminal (clocking point)
Can print in fire department order
Set off by activation of fire alarm or panic button terminals key-pad)
Prints forenames and surname (option) can include employee number (option)
Thermal paper roll (nothing to jam- up)
Quick "prints within seconds"


Download Area






Specification and Accessories:
T006 Ethernet full-featured slave * (50)

Terminal specification:
Cast aluminium front - Mild steel back-plate
Height 160mm - Width 290mm - Depth 72mm - Weight 2.9kg
Colour: white/light blue - Power: 9-12vdc 200ma
Connection type: Ethernet
2 hour battery back-up
2 line backlit LCD
Fully functional keypad


Proximity terminal


T006 using proximity

T005 RS485 full-featured slave

Terminal specification:
Cast aluminium front - Mild steel back-plate
Height 160mm - Width 290mm - Depth 72mm - Weight 2.9kg
Colour: white/light blue - Power: 9-12vdc 200ma
Connection type: RS485 **
2 hour battery back-up
2 line backlit LCD
Fully functional keypad


Proximity terminal


T005 using proximity

T010 Ethernet semi-featured slave * (25)

Terminal specification:
Cast aluminium front - Mild steel back-plate
Height 150mm - Width 110mm - Depth 40mm - Weight 300g
Colour: white/light blue - Power: 9-12VDC 200ma
Connection type: Ethernet
Handling: Time and Attendance - Data collection (Job costing) - Access (door entry)

Environment: Temperature 0-40C
Environment: Humidity 15%-90% non-condensing

No battery back-up as standard and a smaller display showing: date & time and confirms clocking to employee.


T004Proximity terminal


T010 using proximity

T004 RS485 semi-featured slave

Terminal specification:
Cast aluminium front - Mild steel back-plate
Height 150mm - Width 110mm - Depth 40mm - Weight 300g
Colour: white/light blue - Power: 9-12VDC 200ma
Connection type: RS485 **
Handling: Time and Attendance - Data collection (Job costing) - Access (door entry)

Environment: Temperature 0-40C
Environment: Humidity 15%-90% non-condensing
T004-Optional IP56 sealing

No battery back-up as standard and a smaller display showing: date & time and confirms clocking to employee.



T004Proximity terminal


T004 using proximity

T009 remote proximity reader (RS485)**

Terminal specification:
Height 46mm - Width 85mm - Depth 14mm
Colour: white/light blue - Power: 9-12vdc 200ma
Connection type: RS485 **

The T009 can be used for Time and Attendance clocking or access (door entry) it's a proximity reader in a box with a speaker and LED, it has no display but the LED light changes colour to confirm clocking or access plus an audible sound if you clock twice in the same minute (confirming clocking).

Prox in a box


T009 with proximity

* Ethernet slave terminals increase the staff numbers allowed to use the Timenet system, e.g. to clock or allow access by way of employee blocks of 25 or 50 according to the type of Ethernet slave terminal added.

** RS485 communications from one terminal to another, hard wired up to 1km from the nearest master terminal (T002).



Badge rack holds 24 cards

Badge holder with other types available


R580 thermal printer

R580 Thermal printer for quick easy evacuation reporting

Full spill-proof design suitable for most environments.
Easy paper loading
Straight paper path for easy reliable printing
Serial interface
Thermal paper roll (nothing to jam- up)
Colour black


Terminal with swipe reader

T002 Swipe Terminal option

12vdc PSU with battery option

12V DC 1amp Power Supply Cabinet (PSU)

White cabinet-box 230x200x80mm

Both PSUs' shown here will work with all timenet terminals providing a reliable and proven low voltage supply, the cabinet offers an extra option for a larger battery fitted and provide longer battery back-up then the 2 hours that is standard in the fully featured timenet terminal


In-line PSU

12V DC 1amp Power Supply Unit (PSU)

Black PSU 2.1 x 5.5 x 12mm  




Contactless - Proximity Badges and Mag- Swipe badges

  • Fits in our standard card rack
  • Eyelet for attachment to a lanyard
  • Re-usable
  • Visitor badge
  • Employee clock card


Proximity Badges and Mag-swipe

Proximity key ring fobs

  • Works just like a clock card - contactless technology
  • Eyelet for attachment to a key ring or lanyard
  • Small robust and durable
  • Washing machine tough
  • Durable and re-usable if employee leaves
  • Our customers 1st.choice for reliable clocking



All lanyards have a breakaway attachment as standard with a choice of metal or plastic hook. Available in red, green, blue, navy, black, white and yellow.

Printed lanyards include Staff, Visitor, Contractor, NHS, NHS Scotland, Student, Conference & Temp


New blue prox fobs Timenet fob PAC FOB KERIfob


Printed Lanyards



"Timenet Professional" for Data Collection


Gathering information from the shop floor via timenet terminals whether its from machines or employees.

Timenet software together with one or more terminals permits management full control over information gathered with user definable prompts, fields and reporting.

How does Timenet work? Using TimeNet software, you setup the prompts/information needed to go to the shop floor whether it’s a simple department change or a more detailed operation or job, once set up and given a job/information badge (if needed) employees input data via the shop floor data collection terminal's installed around your company's premises.

Data can be entered in various ways e.g. swipe or contactless proximity badges or bar-code readers or even the terminal's own key-pad will allow employees to enter the details they are about to action. Timenet can automatically assign the next job (if set up to allow) or you can simply add and modify all operations so the employee is prompted at log-in to enter data. Tracking all data entered together with the employee start and stop times Timenet allows information to be viewed edited and reports taken or exported to other programs.

Flash the badge in front of the reader or scan the bar-code for the terminal to confirm transaction and prompt the employee to clock on using their own attendance card/proximity fob, if you’re company has a Time & Attendance system in operation it can be the same card/fob. If the employee has not clocked in when they try to log data the system will inform them that they have not clocked in, this improves the efficiency of health and safety with regards to tracking employees in the event of an emergency.



T004Proximity terminal

T004 for data collection

Proximity works well with Data Collection


Timenet software comes complete with standard data collection reports, such as: Clocking Report, Job Employee Report, Job Totals Report, Work in Progress Report.

However, standard reports at times may not meet your Company's requirements, for this very reason Timenet software has a specialised script program, to enable Job/Employee information to be displayed in many ways, hence Timenet will allow you to view or export the right information from the workplace, whether it's what the employee would like for lunch that day, or had in the week, or month (helps with coin-less environments), or what operations/sections the employee has been doing inside a selected job over any period.

Download area



DC reports


Timenet allows a detailed analysis of each transaction (sample report above), by setting up extra fields, such as; jobs-operations- sub sections- quantities even meal menus so employees are prompted to enter data at each level so information fetched can be edited or exported for reporting.