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The PERFECT 2000 range covers 5 Time Recorders: P2005 - P2010 - P2012 - P2020 and the Calculating P2040. Whether your requirements are based on price or features, clockings outside normal working hours are highlighted by means of a two-colour ribbon.

It doesn’t matter where they are used; offices or in garages, the PERFECT series 2000 can record for any organisation, and on any popular time card.

perfect range
The PERFECT 2020 elegant and flexible
  • Imprint format ( normal minute, decimal hours (1/100, 5/100, 1/10),
  • Date, weekday, machine number.
  • Automatic BST/GMT (summer and autumn time change)
  • Card type (horizontal or vertical daily registration of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly wage periods).
  • Programmable Red printing to highlight late clocking
  • Programmable Time Signal Control for Tea breaks etc
  • Robust design
  • Full battery back up, (works when mains fail)
  • Easy install for wall mounting



Perfect p2005-2010



Printer  - Dot Matrix
Voltage  - 110-240V 50/60Hz
Temperature ( -) 10ºC to 45ºC
Humidity  - max 90% non condensing
Size  - Width 220mm x Height 280mm x Depth 195mm
Weight  - 3kg




The Perfect 2020 can be adapted to any popular time card through either selecting a programmed standard card format or by programming the print position.The *actual imprint format can then be chosen as well.

Our additional service:

Your Perfect 2020 can be completely adjusted according to your need. It is completely ready for operation after having been connected to the mains.


Takes many popular cards


The PERFECT 2040 The Perfect solution for your time recording needs

  • Large employee capacity
  • Calculate Regular Time
  • Print Late Arrivals in Red
  • Round IN/OUT Bookings
  • Round Time Card Totals
  • After Midnight IN/OUT punch
  • Eliminate Double Bookings
  • Monitor forgotten bookings
  • Print time card reports
  • Calculate 2 levels of Overtime
  • Deduct fixed and variable Break Times
  • Round Shift Start Times
  • Perpetual Time Change

The PERFECT 2040 is an easy to use Calculating Time Recorder with a large display to provide simple programming.

The 2040 allows up to 104 IN/OUT bookings per time card which means it can handle virtually any type of pay period. A 6-digit barcode makes each time card unique, eliminating time card duplication. The data security is guaranteed by means of an integrated Lithium battery.