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The Timenet product range provides Time Management facilities ranging from a simple 50 employee time clock to large WAN based multi-site systems with fully integrated Access Control and Data Capture facilities.



UK built

Timenet for any device

Timenet allows small, medium or large companies the benefits of a computerised Time Management system, with equipment and software manufactured in the "UK".

Clocking solutions for smart phone, tablet or PC

Terminal clocking station options:

Swipe-card, Contactless badge or key-ring fob, Biometric (finger print),

Face recognition or Key-pad (4 digit number).





Terminal Options








Timenet systems use the same software, you have the option of clocking point (terminal).


COMPATABILITY: Extra timenet terminals can be added at any time, permitting your time & attendance system to grow as you do without the need to replace your existing hardware and investment. Timenet systems use the latest technology permitting you to get the information you require at the touch of a button, our systems can use a combination of devices to achieve this goal, staff can clock using a Smart phone, Tablet or PC or on site using one of our robust cast aluminium stand-alone terminals (clocking points).

With no limit to the number of clocking IN or OUT an employee can do per day, we configure the system to reflect your business structure and working rules, allowing for paid or un-paid breaks, with or without the auto-deduction of lunch, and no time calculated before start time (option) together shift patterns plus overtime rules.

For more information or even book a demonstration contact our sales team. tel: 01473 551716



Timenet is one system but offers options for employees and visitors to electronically register in many ways:


T012 clocking station, clocking/data sent to your own PC/Server or our Web-Servers.

Systems start from * £495 (up to 50 personnel).


T001 fully-featured clocking station, data sent to your own PC/Server or our Web-Servers.

Systems start from * £595

Single site system for upto 50 personnel

We do a T001 plus terminal for re-mote sites.



T002 fully-featured clocking station, data sent to your own PC/Server or our Web-Servers.

Single or Multi-site system with options for slave terminals on the same site or remote sites.

System starts with 50 personnel and is upgradable. This system will control doors, gates even turnstiles with staff using the same key-ring fob or badge to clock or gain access.


T001 & T002 terminals allow for display options, so staff can stay on site for Break/Lunch or go offsite on Company Business.


Terminal display option



Wall mountable




Face Recognition terminals are available.
phone app


Smart phone app. employee clocking with GPS location.

Telephone Clocking
Timenetweb provides a service for clocking in and out using a telephone.
To use the service, simply dial a number and enter your pin number, when prompted. Your pin number is set in the personnel section, on the Access Control tab.
To view the clockings, you view the telephone numbers used, go to Reports / System / Employee Location.

We can produce a custom report that shows the information in whatever form is required.
There are many ways to configure the service such as:
Restrict the phone numbers that staff can use to call from, to a list of accepted telephone numbers, or allow any phone number, the pin number is four digits by default, but could be increased if there are large numbers of staff.
You can record your own prompts.
Use your own phone number for staff to use (geographic, low-cost or freephone) for an additional cost.

You can even book your holiday using this app.


Visitor registration using web-clk.

Laptop, PC or tablet using web-clk or timenetweb, direct to your terminal or our web servers.

TimenetWeb can either record clocking's directly to your Timenet terminal or our web servers for you to view from any location on any device.



Cloud/timenetweb service this option allows you to access your data from anywhere.


Muster point

Muster point software held inside our terminals can be accessed using a smart phone or tablet

enter the ip address of the unit in your browser.







Terminals (clocking stations) even smart phones allow personnel on any one site or across remote sites or from home or customers premises the ability to clock and inform you there are on site or have left with all data stored on your PC's or in the cloud, this complete system when using a fully featured terminal permits staff to stay on-site but clock for lunch or go off-site on company business which allows management full control over Time and Attendance records with full editing and reporting of employee data together with added benefits of electronic registration of employees and visitors for evacuation reporting and more……

The full Timenet system covers Time & Attendance and offers further options to integrate Data Collection (job costing) and monitored Access Control (door entry) giving your company a complete solution in one package.

Complete with “Windows” based time management software together with a ODBC/SQL interface, terminals can accept Fingerprint ID (biometric), Swipe cards, Proximity badges (contactless smart card and key-fobs), Pin numbers, or Barcode information together with web-clocking via a PC or web enabled mobile phone.

Timenet has a customiseable visitor registration system, with options for self-registration for unattended visitor registration and badging, with or without photo ID.

All Timenet systems come complete with standard time management pay and absence reports.



*For more information please call us on 01473 551716 or email - The above information and pictures are for examples only.