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Options permit clocking data to be held on your servers, PC or in our cloud

Sign In stations

Sign IN solutions

Staff can sign in with their mobile phone or at one of our onsite

"UK" manufactured terminals

Contactless or finger print



Using the TimenetWeb Cloud Service

 More and more sites are using the TimenetWeb “cloud services” to simplify installations.

In this configuration, the Timenet terminals (clocking stations) communicate directly with the cloud.

Customers log onto timenetweb services (secure link) from anywhere on any internet browser.

  Benefits: -
  No updater on the customer's server or PC.
  No client software installations.
  No Timenet Data required or movement (migration) of timenet software.
  No IT involved just make sure the Timenet port is not blocked (or a GSM modem can be used avoiding the customer's network entirely).
  Using the service is very simple just login via any browser to the your timenet cloud URL.
  Password protected up to 5 levels, login to selected departments, Employee, Supervisor, Manager, Super Manager, Administrator.

No functionality is lost: -

Terminals can still perform all the usual functions (access-control, fire printers, web clocking, visitor management etc.).

Selectable options permit employees to sign IN/OUT, plus book/check holidays via a mobile phone

Just log-in using any internet browser with the link we provide or download your own QR codes.

  QR Codes: -
  Timenet (time and attendance software with full reporting options)
  WebClock (phone App)
  ADP (Attendance Display Panel) - Who's IN/OUT or absent


For more information or even book a demonstration via Zoom contact our sales team. tel: 01473 551716


Our Timenet Time & Attendance System with Sign in Options:-

Sign in with: - Phone App or Clocking Station or both

Clocking Stations provide Sign In options like: - Biometric (finger print), Contactless badge or key-ring fob, Key-pad (4 digit number).





  Hardware Ethernet terminal type: -





Phone App sheet



UK built



  Fully featured terminals (clocking station) permits staff to: -
  Clock Off-site on company business.
  Check Holidays taken or left to book.
  Clock breaks and remain on site for evacuation reporting.
  Change departments.
  Change shift.



Timenet Biometric


  Avoid Contamination: -
  With a contactless reader.
  Could be the same fob - badge as your door entry system.
  See reader options further down.
Contactless badge












If you currently have an Access (door entry) system, Timenet could work using the same Fob/Badge .

Upgrading or adding extra timenet terminals can be done at any time, permitting your time & attendance system to grow as you do without the need to replace your existing hardware and investment.

Timenet systems use the latest technology permitting you to get the information you require at the touch of a button, our systems can use a combination of devices to achieve this goal, staff can clock using a Smart phone, Tablet or PC or on site using one of our robust cast aluminium stand-alone terminals (clocking points).




Timenet Time Management system, with equipment and software manufactured in the "UK".

Complete with TimeNet Time Management Software.

Timenet software will run on any Windows Operating System.

The Timenet product range provides Full Time Management facilities.

View, Edit, and print employee clocking data, track absence, edit over any period.

Timenet data can be held on a local PC or Server, we offer secure cloud hosting.


For more information or even book a demonstration via Zoom contact our sales team. tel: 01473 551716


Timenet is one system with one data base, clocking stations offer different options for employees, contractors and visitors to electronically sign in.

Timenet Proximity
Features, all terminals have the option for power over ethernet (POE).
Pricing from "
Small semi-featured Ethernet clocking slave terminal, data sent to the master site terminal.
Small semi-featured Ethernet terminal, clocking/data sent to your own PC/Serve, Single site - maximum employees 50.
Small semi-featured Ethernet remote site application, 50 maximum employees, works with our Cloud services.
Fully-featured Ethernet terminal, clocking/data sent to your own PC/Server or our Web-Servers, Single site - maximum employees 50.
Fully-featured Ethernet remote site application, 50 maximum employees, works with our Cloud services
Fully-featured Ethernet slave terminal, clocking/data sent to the sites master terminal.
Fully featured Ethernet master terminal, clocking/data sent to your own PC/Server or our Cloud services, system starts at 50 personnel and can be upgraded
Phone App Cloud services, data held in our cloud, sold in blocks of 50, cost annually. £240
Evacuation Printer Stand-a- loan thermal printer, connected to a t003,t001,or t006 from £295


Phone App



Phone app. employee clocking with GPS location, if required.

With Timenet data in the cloud employees can sign IN & OUT via a Mobile Smart Phone.

All data held is safe and secure with password protection.

This data can be seen for editing and reporting in the Timenet software.

Employees have the option to check holidays "booked" and "taken" and "left."

Options permit selected Holidays and Sickness absence types to be booked via the app

Full email notification of any request with smart link to approve, reject, request straight from the email.

Employees can view their current and last weeks clocking's.

No need for paper time sheets, Timenet software will do it for you.

QR code sign in

Sign in using your own QR code

QR codes for quick launch:

* Sign IN/OUT

* Musterpoint

Smart phine app.... Smart phone app.... Smart phone app

Screen shots from the phone app.


Visitor registration using web-clk.

Laptop, PC or tablet using web-clk or timenetweb, direct to your terminal or our web servers.

TimenetWeb can either record clocking's directly to your Timenet terminal or our web servers for you to view from any location on any device.


Muster point software held inside our terminals can be accessed using a smart phone or tablet

enter the ip address of the unit in your browser.

Muster point

Telephone Clocking
Timenetweb provides a service for clocking in and out using a telephone.
To use the service, simply dial a number and enter your pin number, when prompted. Your pin number is set in the personnel section, on the Access Control tab.
To view the clocking's, you view the telephone numbers used, go to Reports / System / Employee Location.

We can produce a custom report that shows the information in whatever form is required.
There are many ways to configure the service such as:
Restrict the phone numbers that staff can use to call from, to a list of accepted telephone numbers, or allow any phone number, the pin number is four digits by default, but could be increased if there are large numbers of staff.
You can record your own prompts.
Use your own phone number for staff to use (geographic, low-cost or freephone) for an additional cost.



For more information please call us on 01473 551716 or email

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